People in Abernathy Buying Extra Powerball Tickets, Inspired by Cantu Family

LUBBOCK, TX - The Allsup's gas station in Abernathy was filled with all kinds of people on Wednesday who were purchasing lottery tickets for America's second largest jackpot, a Powerball of $700 million. 

The Cantu family of Abernathy won $177 million in March 2017 when Eliberto Cantu bought a ticket in Arkansas. The family is staying in the Abernathy area, and putting money into their family church, and its sister church.

Gas station attendant, Irma Ortega said it was a chaotic day with people coming in and out to buy tickets, a lot of them inspired by the Cantus. 

"Everyone is like 'If Mr. Cantu can win, so can we,' so everyone is buying hundreds," Ortega said.

Longtime neighbor of the Cantuss Ruth Naron said she is also getting in on the jackpot.

"Yes I did, I bought one Monday and I bought one today," Naron said.

Eliberto Cantu's brother in law, Mike Perez said he still plays the lottery. 

"I've been buying since last week, I think I have about eight of them," Perez said. "If you want something, your day is coming, it's not just about luck, luck is just a word," 

On Wednesday you will be able to purchase Powerball tickets until game sales clost at 10:00 p.m, the drawing is held at 10:59 p.m.

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