Pistol Packing Women Defy Odds in West Texas

LUBBOCK, TX - A Girl and A Gun Women's Shooting League shares their goal of empowerment through South Plains Chapter at 41 Lead Farm. 

"We try to empower women and teach them how to use a firearm, and making things comfortable with firearms and giving them opportunities to advance in competitions," Chapter Leader Christina Scott said. 

The local chapter started in 2013 and has grown to approximately 25 women in their organization. Women of all backgrounds, with different levels of experience make up this chapter, and encourage others who are interested to come out and experience one of their meetings.

"We have women who have never shot and we have women who have been shooting their whole lives, it's just a wide range of experience," Member Stacy Garcia said. "But we're very friendly, it's a non-intimidating way, we'll help you. We all just get along and help each other and it's not an intimidating environment at all."

Garcia said she first sought out the league to learn protection for herself. After years with the team, she now competes in national championship, like the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). 

The league said they will teach you about a firearm, safety procedure, how to compete, and what firearm fits each individual through their program. They have also invited national instructors to show the latest tools on how to handle a firearm.

With their training, members said they now feel confident they could defend themselves in harms way 

"I'm a nurse and I carry," Member Cindi Acuff said. "I now have my license to carry in the last year and I have traveled to some very rural areas that are isolated, some don't have cell service and drive several hours. If I ever feel like my life is threatened, I feel confident I could protect myself or my family."

"I have a six-year-old and an eight-year-old and if I'm ever in a dark parking lot somewhere I feel confident I can protect myself or my children," Scott said. 

The organization meets about once a month to go over a new set of skills. This includes sessions at a local gun range, to socials at a local venue, to gun cleaning clinics to learn the basics about a firearm. 

Anyone interested in getting involved can find more information here

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