Plains Cotton Growers Team Up With Texas Tech Football

Fans were encouraged to wear white to support Cotton Famers

LUBBOCK, TX - Today, September 16th, Plains Cotton Growers teamed up with Texas Tech University to honor cotton farmers across the South Plains. The organization encouraged fans to wear white to share their support for one of the largest crops grown in Texas.

"The 41 county area that we represent will produce two-thirds of the states cotton. Also about 25-30% of the nations crop and about two to three percent of the worlds cotton crop, all just right here in this area," Mary Jane Buerkley, with Plains Cotton Growers said.

The organization placed 60 bales of cotton throughout the stadium totaling nearly 30,000 pounds of cotton. They said this type of support is what farmers need to see for their hard work.

"One of the most exciting things is to have the people in the cotton industry recognized. I certainly hope that everyone comes out and enjoys the game and gets to thank a farmer," Buerkley said.

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