Plainview Business Owner Frustrated with I-27 Construction

The Dixie Tavern Steakhouse off I-27 in Plainview says construction delays last week drove away much of their business. They say they lost thousands of dollars just last week.

"Took a big hit for our business, we sat out here and watched people very frustrated they couldn't turn into our driveway," said Dixie Tavern owner Joe Covington.

He says an unexpected construction detour cost him $600 dollars in business for three straight days.

"The fact that the traffic was backed up so far people were frustrated, because I had people come in and tell me we tried to get around there so we just went and ate somewhere else," said Covington.

Covington says last week a new temporary exit sent all north interstate traffic to the frontage road in front of Dixie Tavern.

"The traffic was backed up almost two miles to that ramp and people were sitting here they wouldn't let people turn in," he said.

Dianah Ascencio with TX DOT says they weren't planning on having this detour, but it was a safety necessity.

"We did not mean to inconvenience the businesses, but it was an unexpected repair job that we had to make," she said,"It was the safest thing to do not only for the traveling public, but for the workers in the area."

Ascencio says the problem seems to be taken care of, but Covington says he is afraid there will be more delays.

"Especially being a new business here, the factors of road construction can kill a business you know people want the easiest access to go wherever they are going and you know this day and time people are in a hurry and they don't want to sit in their car for 30 minutes waiting to go somewhere," said Covington.

Ascencio says the construction is scheduled to be completed in summer 2014. The project is part of a statewide initiative to convert all two way frontage roads to one way in order to improve safety and mobility.

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