Plainview "Dancing Man" Goes Viral

The video has gained nearly 75,000 views and counting

LUBBOCK, TX - A man from Plainview is captivating audiences across the internet after a video of him dancing went viral. 
"It shocks me because I'm like, 'This is a dream, but I'm awake.' This wasn't meant for any attention. It was to make me healthy, but I'm like, 'God knows what he's doing,'" Stephen Dunlap, the infamous "Dancing Man" said.  
Dunlap said he started dancing as a way to heal a previous knee injury. He said the more he danced, the better he felt.  
"When I'm doing it, I'm not really doing it. I'm just feeling the spirit," Dunlap said. 
The video of Dunlap dancing was put together by a neighbor in Plainview. When Dunlap heard the clip went viral, he was shocked but happy to represent his home of Plainview in such a happy way. 
"I like to make everyone laugh and have fun. It makes me feel good to see another person smile," Dunlap said. 

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