Plainview Police Seize 999 Packages of Synthetic Marijuana

Published 08/21 2014 02:27PM

Updated 08/28 2014 12:16PM

By Monica Yantosh

PLAINVIEW, TX – The Plainview Police Department seized 999 packages of synthetic marijuana Wednesday evening after receiving a tip.

Plainview Police Chief Ken Coughlin, they recieved a tip Wednesday about a man smoking marijuana in the parking lot of the Burger King off of I-27. When police arrived, they found marijuana and then searched his car.

Inside the car, Chief Coughlin said they found 999 bags of synthetic marijuana, along with more than $78,000 in cash.

"Anytime we can take that quantity off the street, we know that there's at least almost a thousand people that won't be affected by the product, so we're happy to have accomplished that," Chief Coughlin said.

Plainview now also has their own chapter of 'WASP' or Warriors Against Synthetic Pot, which started in Lubbock.

"I mean it's a thousand potential lives we've saved, and no telling where he was going with this, or anything, we're ecstatic, we could not be more to get that off of our streets," Crystal Davenport with Plainview WASP said.

This is an on-going investigation, and Chief Coughlin said they still need to send the packages off for analysis to figure out exactly what chemical compounds are used in the packages.

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