Poison Awareness Week

Lubbock, TX -  You may not know it but there may be dangers lurking in your home right now that could seriously injure your children.

"Nationally there's probably around 2.5 million individuals who are exposed to any chemicals that are considered a poison.  Half of those are kids that are under 6-years old," said Covenant Children's Emergency Physician Doctor Samuel Herrera.

But, Doctor Herrara said those numbers are going up locally as well.

  "It's just because of the things that are accessible to the children.  There's new detergents and chemicals that are out there too that we take for granted that are safe and they're actually not," Dr. Herrera said

That's why this week is dedicated as national poison prevention week.

Some things that doctor Herrera says you should protect: Household cleaners, Medications, Lawn chemicals like fertilizers and pest control, and laundry detergents like Tide Pods.

The bright colors are a big draw for young children.

"Toddlers are explorers they explore with all of their senses, even with their mouths, and taste," said Dr. Herrera.

But, if your child is exposed to some type of chemical there are some important steps to remember.

First, call poison control to see if they need to go to the hospital.

There is a national hotline that can be reached at 1-800-222-1222.

Then if they do need to go, there are some things you should bring along.

"Bring a sample, the packaging, also if they can bring the medications that they have in the household it will help as well," explained Dr. Herrera.

If you know what your child consumed, the better Doctor Herrera will be able to treat them.

Another thing to remember is DON'T induce vomiting. Many times Doctor Herrera says that can cause more damage because the body is exposed to the chemical twice.

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