Possible Fraternity House Creates "Nuisance" for Neighborhood

LUBBOCK,TX - A local fraternity chapter established with Texas Tech University applied for a zone change in a central Lubbock neighborhood, specifically for a house to be used as a fraternity lodge.

Records show the Sigma Nu Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Housing Organization applied for a zone change for the property located at 1901 33rd Street, which is 25,900 square feet of property. It is currently categorized as a rental unit for a single-family house in the Heart of Lubbock Neighborhood.

The zone change is asking for an A-2 property, making it a high-density multi-family use to allow for a fraternity house.  

Approximately a dozen residents wrote to the City of Lubbock opposing this zone change and argued that this creates disruption for the entire area. Many said this change would create a danger from an influx in traffic, crowded parking, littering and trash, as well as, noise nuisance. 

The application claims this lodge would be alcohol free and would have approximately one meeting a week. It also promises community service, and trash pick-up in the area. 

During a meeting with the City's Planning and Zoning Commission in early July, the application was denied. However, the organization appealed and now it is scheduled to be discussed during a city council meeting Thursday. 

This fraternity was initially chartered at TTU in Spring of 1976,  but disbanded 25 years later. In 2014, they gained another charter and officially reestablished with the University. 

Residents said they are not opposed of students moving in as their neighbor. They are opposed to the zoning change it would require for a large capacity of students to move into one house. 

The fraternity organization declined to comment of the local response, but said they will be issuing a statement in the future. 


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