Post Strengthens Ban on Synthetic Substances

Published 05/22 2014 06:34PM

Updated 05/22 2014 10:40PM

By Monica Yantosh

POST, TX -- While synthetic substances were banned in 2013 in the City of Post, the city council unanimously voted to strengthen the ban.

Garza County Sheriff Terry Morgan said his officers deal with someone on synthetic substances almost daily.  His main concern is when larger cities ban the drugs, he worries that those trying to sell the drugs will then move out into the smaller communities.

"The thing that bothers me is it affects these kids, and adults, so fast, and it makes their brain almost mush. I mean, they go from being a very intelligent individual to someone who just babbles," Sheriff Morgan said.

Sheriff Morgan said they are trying to be proactive and keep that from happening in Post and Garza County. He also said while this is illegal in Post, he will talk to the Garza County Commissioners to see what can be done in the county as well.

He was also concerned with school letting out for summer soon, and hoping this will curb the younger crowd from getting into the drugs.

"This gives us something to work with and maybe if we can catch them early enough and find where they're getting it and how they're getting it, then we can put a stop to it," he said.

Sheriff Morgan said he plans to personally let businesses in Post know these drugs won't be tolerated.

"Myself and my sergeant are going to every place in post that sells tobacco products, giving them a copy of this ordinance, checking their stock, in the event that they've got it in there, gonna give them three days to get it out," Sheriff Morgan said.

According to the ordinance, anyone who is caught selling, possessing, or using the drugs would be guilty of a class C misdemeanor and could be fined up to $2,000.

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