Premiere Cinema Begins Luxury Recliner Renovations

LUBBOCK, TX - Your movie going experience is about to get a lot better. Premiere Cinema is adding new luxury leather recliners complete with a swivel tray and motorized headrests.

Crews have been busy upgrading the theaters that will add more room and privacy for guests. The new seats are spaced out twice as far apart and recline at the push of a button. Marketing Specialist, Bailey Bryan said they wanted guests to enjoy the ultimate experience at Premiere. 

"We wanted guests to feel more at home like they can just come here and relax, Bryan said. "So we added the tray so you can eat the items easier. Of course adding in the headrests allows you to see better and makes everything better as well."

The recliners are not the only upgrades to the theaters. Every theater is getting new flooring, lighting and new high-tech movie screens for an even brighter more vivid image to maximize viewer enjoyment. 

Soon enough, guests will be able to enjoy a touch-screen soft drink fountain with all you can drink soft drinks and ICEE's. There will also be a self-serve popcorn dispensing system with a built-in butter dispenser. 

The renovations are hopefully going to be finished by the time the new Star Wars movie comes out in December. 

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