"Raider Rash" Headline Innappropriate?

Published 10/30 2013 06:58PM

Updated 10/30 2013 07:47PM

"We're supposed to be classy not trashy and they did the opposite."

Texas Tech students were unamused upon hearing the headline in Tuesday's Oklahoma State student newspaper, referring to the term "raider rash."

It's a term many use to describe Texas Tech's STD problem.

"I guess everybody has their mean things they say about universities," said a student. "It's normally just that our university has STDs."

The Editor and Chief of the Daily O'Collegian, Sally Asher said the editorial staff thought the term meant something else.

"We didn't know that the actual connotation had to do with STDs," said Asher. "If I had know that, I would not have okay-ed that for print."
Asher said they used it in a way that they thought would imply "road rash," or "being run over by the Red Raiders."

"We're sorry that we offended people but the context that we used it and the mindset that we used it, I wouldn't say we're sorry that we did," said Asher.

At Raiderville, many Tech students just laughed the headline off.

"It's definitely something that the other schools are gonna do just because we're a red-hot team and everybody wants a piece of us," said one student.

"I personally feel like it's just a lot of cockiness for not even having played the game because it's gonna be really awkward if they lose," said another.

And one student said they don't even think "raider rash" is a real thing.

"Nobody really knows what they're talking about."

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