Raider Red Meats, Made in Lubbock

Student Run Program

LUBBOCK, TX - Raider Red Meats is an organization on the Texas Tech campus that distributes high quality beef that is mostly student ran.

"Well we started just like most meat labs would have I guess, we had some left over products that we needed to capture a value on. Then we became 90 percent student run," said Tate Corliss, the Director of Raider Red Meats. 

Corliss said the sales they receive from selling the meats are put into the Raider Red Meat's Endowment, which funds scholarships for students in the college of agricultural sciences and natural resources. 

"Several different majors are involved in the whole process. Students are involved in pretty much every aspect from harvesting that animal all the way to delivery that product to the consumer at the point of sale," said Corliss.

Raider Red meats also sent an order to the Presidential Inauguration of 2017.

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