Reason for Firing Police Chief Revealed by Open Records From Abernathy

ABERNATHY, TX - The reason for the City of Abernathy to fire Police Chief Cameron Bowman was revealed Friday as the result of an open records request by

Bowman was suspended without pay on Monday.  The city council then voted to terminate him Thursday evening.

But up until an open records request was fulfilled on Friday, the reasons were not known.  It turns out, Bowman was accused of misusing a city credit card.

Officials said Thursday night that the Hale County District Attorney and Texas Rangers were asked to look into the matter.

The text of a letter from City Manager Mike Cypert to Bowman is copied below: 

August 7, 2017

Cameron Bowman

In accordance with Section 12.01 of the City's Personnel Policies this is a Letter of Suspension. You are hereby suspended from duty with the City of Abernathy until such time as the Abernathy City Council can review and make a determination on your employment status. You are not to report to work or to do any work on behalf of the City of Abernathy until further notice. You are hereby directed to return all city property until the determination has been made.

This action is based on malfeasance, to wit: numerous unauthorized purchases on a city credit card.

Your employment status will be brought before the Abernathy City Council at a time and date yet to be determined, notice of which will be mailed to you.

Mike Cypert

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