Recent Rains Hit or Miss for South Plains Cotton Producers

Published 05/23 2014 05:57PM

Updated 05/23 2014 10:28PM

By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- Lubbock and some other areas on the South Plains may have gotten some much needed rain, but some places in the south and southwest counties are still waiting for some rain.

"I thought, finally, we got some rain," Koby Reed.

Reed has a farm just outside of Seagraves, and said his land didn't get any of the rain that other places got this week.

"Got hit in the gut, really, all my friends got new toys but I didn't," Reed said. "Seriously, you know, this country needs it, it needs the rain, everybody needs the rain, I'm so happy for those guys who got inch, two, three inches."

"This rain we've received, especially early this morning and last night, and really over the last couple of days has been great, we still have a significant amount of our area that has received little to no rainfall," Steve Verett said.

Verett is president of Plains Cotton Growers. He said it's been a tough year for all area producers, and any rain is a good thing.

"Especially in light of, we're going into our fourth year of a drought, it's very difficult for any producer at this point to say, you know, this is not timely enough, or it's too much, or whatever," Verett said. "It's just a very welcomed blessing for the areas that were able to receive a significant amount of rain."

"We've got it in the forecast, we hope to get it here pretty quick, and you know, I'm feeling optimistic, you know, I'm ready, ready for rain, it's nice to see clouds in the sky, feel the humidity, you know, hopefully the tide's turning, because we're four years into this drought, we need a break," Reed said.

Reed said he planted most of his cotton, but has a few more weeks before he has to decide if his remaining land will get cotton or some other crop.

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