Residents Frustrated Over Water Line Break and Outages

Published 06/01 2014 09:03PM

Updated 06/01 2014 09:05PM

By Michaela MacDonald
LUBBOCK, TX -- There is major frustration in a southeast Lubbock neighborhood over a large water main break late last week.  Some neighbors tell us they had no water for days.
"It's like living in a third world country.  You can't cook; you can't flush the toilet.  You can't shower - get a drink," said neighbor Jason Booker.
The 36-inch water line break was caused by a private contractor on Thursday. Neighbors said their water was turned on again late Saturday night.
"It's left people in showers with soap still in their hair having to wash their hair out with bottled water," said Booker. "And really the inconvenience is that - you know - we all have families that have to use the restroom. And my family included, we had to go to my mother-in-law's house to go take a shower and use the restroom."
Teresa Estrada lives next door to Booker. She said her water was out Friday and most of Saturday.
"Very inconvenient - because you can’t do laundry - you can’t drink water.  We actually had to go to the store and get bottles of water because me, myself I have five children in the home and you know two of them with disabilities," said Estrada, "Very inconvenient - you have to cook with bottled water. You can’t cook with your regular faucet water."
Both said they understand accidents can happen, but wish they were notified of the problem.
"I mean we didn't get notified or nothing," said Estrada.
"They don't leave notices on our door to let us know that the water is going to be cut off, or about how long we're going to have to deal with this - when it’s going to be cut back on," said Booker.
The city said workers patched up the line Saturday, and they are ordering parts for the complete fix.

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