Residents in Lakeridge Concerned About Crime, Although Police Show Low Reports

LUBBOCK, TX - Residents in the Lakeridge and Preston Smith area are fearful their neighborhoods are being targeted. Homeowners have been using the app 'nextdoor' to share experiences of theft and recent break ins.

Kelli Wilson lives on 89th, she had her car stolen from her driveway last week. After looking through her security footage she could see it was two young males in baseball caps. With the help of Onstar and Lubbock Police, she was able to locate the vehicle in a parking lot on 34th and Ironton.

She said it had marijuana residue, liquor bottles, condoms, and belongings from other stolen vehicles.

"My first thought was, I'm going to put it on nextdoor, and I couldn't believe the amount of people who posted about similar experiences, on my neighborhood post," Wilson said.

Resident of Preston Smith, Tom Williams lives on 92nd street. Last week around 1:00 AM he awoke to the sound of gun shots. When he went through his security footage, he saw two armed men looking through the windows of his car.

"They shot those gun shots off just to make sure they worked, and then he checked our cars," WIlliams said. "He pulled his slide to make sure it was loaded and then one of those bullets flew into our neighbors yard,"

According to Lubbock Police so far in April of this year from 82nd to 98th and Quaker to Slide they've had reports of three auto burglaries and one stolen vehicle which is a decrease from last year this time. 

Lubbock Police said they have seen an overall increase in property crime throughout the city. They have increased bike patrol in neighborhoods at night, and earlier this year they formed additional crime suppression squads to identify trends and track down criminals who have been hitting multiple neighborhoods.

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