Safety Concerns After Sexual Assault Incident at The Villages at Overton Park

LUBBOCK, TX - The Lubbock Police Department is still looking for Thomas Ponce, 27, for multiple sexual assaults in the past few days. 

Police believe that at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, Ponce kicked in the door of a woman's house and took her to another location in the county where he sexually assaulted her. She escaped from the location. 

Later that day he went to The Village of Overton Park apartments off of Mac Davis Lane. He forced another woman into an apartment, sexually assaulted her and held her there for more than 12 hours. 

Residents who live in these apartments are concerned that the broken gates and locks played a role in Ponce's break in. They're also scared for their safety since Ponce is not in custody. 

"I definitely have taken safety precautions," said a resident of the apartment Heather Harris. "My friends have actually gotten me mace last night."

Residents told me that the garage gates that lead inside to the apartment complex have been broken for more than six months. 

"I've lived here for two years and I think the garage has worked for a month maybe," said another resident Claudia Hernandez. 

Residents are saying that the apartment managers try to fix the problems but the systems keep breaking. 

We reached out to the apartment for a statement but we were denied a comment. 






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