Scammers Are Getting Personal

LUBBOCK, TX - A local man is worried after he received a phone call from a scammer who knew more of his personal information than he ever thought possible.
"He knew I was on a fixed income, and he knew I had a credit card," Bill Johnson, the man who was almost scammed, said.
He said the scammer told him he won a large amount of money, but first, he had to pay $300 toward taxes before he could receive the gift. 
"It was a red flag, and my gut just told me to hang up," Johnson said.  
Mike Bazar, CEO of Bazar Solutions Technology Simplified, said unfortunately, technology is helping scammers improve at their jobs. 
"One piece of information isn't going to let somebody's guard down, but if you get one or two or three or four, it can be convincing," Bazar said.  
Bazar Solutions mostly works with businesses, but if you feel you have fell victim to a scam, they encourage you to reach out so they can try and help.

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