Sewage Spreads After Rain in South Lubbock Neighborhood

Published 05/27 2014 06:31PM

Updated 05/27 2014 06:33PM

Septic hauler at the SEWRP, image from City of Lubbock
Septic hauler at the SEWRP, image from City of Lubbock
By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX--- A woman in South Lubbock says the rain over the weekend, turned a broken septic tank from a neighbor's problem into a neighborhood problem.

Rayna Garner is concerned for her neighborhood, she says a septic tank at a home in her neighborhood has been over flowing for months. 

"It runs down her driveway and into the ditch, which is not much of a ditch," says Garner.  "The heavy rain we had yesterday, on Memorial Day, it flooded the whole street out here, and her sewer water mixed with all this other water. We've all got sewer water now."

Garner says her granchildren and the homeowner's child plays outside. She is concerned for the standing sewage water as the summer heat sets in.  

"When it gets hot, the mosquitoes are gonna get out, they're gonna get a drink, they're gonna bite somebody and their gonna get sick," says Garner. "It stinks, it's a health hazard."

Garner says she reached out to county inspectors and the sheriff's office who told the home owners to fix the septic line, but she says nothing was done. 

We attempted to speak with the home owner while they were home- No one answered the door.

Garner says she's tired of the sore sight and sour smell it brings the neighborhood and wants to see it repaired before someone gets sick. 

The County Commissioner's office says inspectors will continue to look into getting this problem solved. 

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