Simple Solutions for Preparing Your Home for a Freeze

Published 10/18 2013 04:08PM

Updated 10/18 2013 04:11PM

"When the weather gets real cold, one of the things that freezes real quick are the little spigots on the outside of the house," said Bobby Rowe, Owner of Rowe Heating and Air Conditioning.

"So if your water hose is hooked up to that spigot, the water freezes in the hose and goes up through the spigot and into your house and that's usually where the damage occurs."

Rowe says just unhook your hose from your house.

If you really want to be covered, cover the spigot.

"Now, when it gets really cold, you can buy these little foam covers that go over the outside spigots," said Rowe. "They're about a dollar, dollar and a half, and that really gives you some good protection."

As far as the inside of the house goes, the solutions are simple as well.

"With cold weather coming on, if you just spend 15 to 20 minutes walking around your house and looking for areas you know you have a problem with, you can save yourself a lot of future expense and headache," Rowe advised.

If you live in an older house though, Rowe said you may want to take further precautions. 

"The older houses sometimes don't have insulation around their tubing. Usually underneath the kitchen sink or on any plumbing on the outside wall, but that's easy to take care of too. If it gets really, really cold, you can open your cabinets and the heat that's naturally inside your house will keep those pipes from freezing."

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