Single Mothers Surprised by Lubbock Ministry on Valentine's Day

LUBBOCK, TX - Unpack Ministry surprised more than 40 women within their ministry with flowers and handwritten cards to show their love on Valentine's Day. 

"They have a hard time at Valentine's Day," creator of Unpacked Ministry Poppy Beard said. "A lot of people think Christmas we got to ramp up, ramp up, ramp up, but what happens is the very day after Christmas and all of the Valentine's stuff is out. They're just reminded that they're broke from Christmas and they don't feel loved."

Unpack supports single women, mothers or girls with challenging backgrounds. The mentor and educate women looking to better their lives with a faith-based message: "You're worth it."

The flowers and cards were donated to the ministry, and members of Redeemer Church volunteered to deliver each gift Wednesday. 

"I didn't know I was getting flowers," Vannessa Martinez said. "They just called me and said they were going to make a delivery. So when you all came, and they came with flowers I was like, "Wow, such a blessing to know somebody loves you."

"It was beautiful, was able to pray that's a big thing for me, and a lot of people like me had a feeling for a long time of feeling alone," Melany Kennedy said. "The thing is you're never alone. You're never really alone but it's all in how you utilize your time."

"I am a believer if people really understood their worth and their value, then they would operate out of that and they wouldn't get into bad relationships," Beard said. "They wouldn't sign up for anything less than God's best. That's the reason my ministry is called Unpack, we want them to unpack the pain of their past and unpack their things so that they'll have a nice home." 

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