Sports Medicine Expert Speaks On The Effects Of Drugs Wes Welker Tested Positive For

Published 09/03 2014 06:38PM

Updated 09/11 2014 05:01PM

By Melissa Adan

LUBBOCK,TX-- Former Red Raider football player Wes Welker tested positive for MDMA and amphetamine's, resulting in suspension of four games for the Bronco's.

Texas Tech Health Sciences Sports Medicine expert Mimi Zumwalt said when athletes are in the limelight this can cause them to make poor decisions.

"Athletes are bred and its pounded into their heads that it's not the fact of how well you play the game, but to win at all costs," said Zumwalt.

Welker violation
was treated as a "performance enhancement." However, he denies using "molly."

Dr. Zumwalt said people need to be safe when out in social settings to make sure drugs like ecstacy are not slipped into drinks.

"Don't take things from a stranger, especially if they're going to try and feed you something or make you drink something and never leave your drink or anything else you are ingesting and walk away from it," said Zumwalt. "Make sure you know what's in it at all times." 

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