Stolen Car Tracked by OnStar Leads to Arrests, Indictments

Published 04/09 2014 06:17PM

Updated 04/09 2014 10:19PM

By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- Authorities were able to track a stolen car through OnStar, which then lead to two arrests and indictments related to that case.

On Tuesday, the Lubbock Grand Jury indicted Alexis Frausto and Adam Rico for multiple charges related to a stolen car that was found though OnStar. The court records show they were indicted on charges including felon in possession of firearm, as well as possession with intent to deliver.

Kat Anderson at the South Plains Auto Theft Task Force credits systems like OnStar to helping law enforcement track down stolen cars everyday.

"In the state of Texas, daily. Daily. We had one, of course, here just recently, where we got an OnStar hit, and lead to the stolen vehicle," Anderson said.

"If the battery runs down, then it's disabled, but if we can get to it fast enough, then it won't get tore up," Anderson said about cars with these GPS systems inside.

"What some simple device like this would do for you is allow you to track the vehicle, see how fast it's going, where it's been," Casey Gillham, a salesman at Audio Vision in Lubbock said.

Gillham said more people are beginning to buy systems like that for their cars, both personal vehicles as well as business vehicles.

"The influx of business for something like this has really come on ten-fold, in the last year especially," Gillham said. "Oilfield companies, things like that, they want to know where their vehicles are going, how fast people have been driving, it help with insurance purposes, things like that, so yeah, they're very popular."
He also notes while GM has OnStar, he's starting to see more car manufacturers start to build these systems into the newer models.

"It's a good idea, it helps cut back on auto theft, and our insurance premiums, you know, it saves you money in the long run," Gillham said.

Anderson said the Auto Theft Task Force has some simple steps to really protecting your cars, including layering the protection, and always making sure any security system on your car is turned on.

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