Stolen Trailer Caught on Tape

Published 06/13 2014 06:29PM

Updated 06/13 2014 06:35PM

By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX--- Early Friday morning, two men broke into the fenced storage unit of Fleming Investment Properties, at 50th and Utica, taking  thousands of dollars of equipment and it was all caught on survielence video. Owner David Fleming says he just wants help getting his stolen property back. 

"Last night about 3:30 somebody came and stole all of our lawn equipment took the trailer and everything. Cut off all the locks and we've got him on camera we've just gotta figure out who he is." 

Even with signs and cameras in plain sight that did not stop this suspect from breaking in and stealing Fleming's equipment. 

"We hope we catch him. He was too fast for this to be his first theft. He knew what to do where to do how to do it. And he was in and out and done in less than 10 min." 

This isn't the first time Fleming has lost equipment-- but the third. 

"This happened 3 years ago and... we actually had another trailer stolen about a year ago, we were able to recover it we put it on craigs list,... it's just happened again."

Fleming says he has posted pictures of the trailer and the man he says stole his equipment on social media and websites like Craigs list and is offering a $500 dollar reward for any information leading to the return of his property. 

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