Storm Shelters Around Lubbock

Residents with no basement search for shelter during severe storms

LUBBOCK, TX - During March, April and May, also known as severe weather season, Lubbock has an increased chance of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. During these months, the Lubbock Fire Department said it's important to have a plan for when bad weather strikes.

“The time from a notification to a tornado, it usually takes about 13 minutes to get somewhere,” Captain Kevin Ivy, with Lubbock Fire Department said.

He said the people who are the most vulnerable residents during intense weather are people living in apartment complexes or homes with no basement or cellar.

“The City of Lubbock doesn't have any city storm shelters, so the best bet is to get to know your neighbors, know the ones who do have basements or cellars,” Ivy said.

Those living in the higher floors of apartments he said need to make friends with their neighbors downstairs and to also confirm with their apartment complex on what they should do during bad weather.

“It would be a good idea to ask your apartment complex if they do have a safe room or an underground room somewhere or shelter somewhere near they know of,” Ivy said.

He also suggested for those in the area of severe storm warnings to stay tuned to their local news stations so they are updated on the current conditions.

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