Students and Faculty Impatient Over Elevator Maintenance at Tech Mass Comm Building

LUBBOCK, TX - The media and communication building at Texas Tech University has been undergoing renovations for the past year, which includes maintenance on the two elevators. The building is the tallest on campus with 13 floors.

The Texas Tech operations team started maintenance on one of the elevators in December 2016. Over Spring Break they finished and then began work on the other. Professor, Derrick Ginter said it's been having some difficulties.

"So the one elevator that they got back in service, we've only had for two or three days and it's had some problems," Ginter said.

Professor Dr. Bill Dean has worked in the College of Media and Communication for 50 years. The college has only been in the new building for four years. Dean said on average the elevator takes 15 minutes to get to the desired floor, so it's important to plan ahead.

"For people like me don't do stairs very well it's not very good but you just have to be patient." Dean said.

Students like Ashley Briseno who have to use a wheelchair said her professors have been understanding of her tardiness.

"Before school started, the Texas Tech Student Disability Services sent out an email saying 'hey there's only going to be one elevator working so plan accordingly and luckily I don't have a class before this because I would really be in trouble." Briseno said.

Faculty said students without disabilities aren't even supposed to be using the elevators but they do anyways. Student, Jake O'Malley said he never uses the elevator in any of the buildings.

"I just take the stairs, there's people who need to use the elevators so I don't see why I need to use them." O'Malley said.

The Texas Tech Operations team said they are working to make sure they continue maintenance with the least amount of inconvenience possible, and that they will make sure that at least one elevator is always working.


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