Summer Crime on the Rise

Published 06/17 2014 05:11PM

Updated 06/17 2014 06:17PM

By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX--- Summer months mean more burglaries in neighborhoods and in parking lots are much more common and Lubbock Police want you to be aware and ready to protect your property. 

"We're going to have burglars who are walking around," said Sgt. Jason Lewis with Lubbock Police. "As soon as you walk off they go over and smash the window." 

Burglars will go through neighborhoods and parking lots just like this one and look for easy targets like windows down or garage doors open to make their break in. 

"People are on vacation and are going to have expensive cameras and expensive electronics especially with your kids," said Sgt. Lewis. "Just take little steps to pick things up and close those doors, close your garage door." 

In June of 2013-- 196 auto burglaries and 187 home burglaries were reported. Those numbers reached to more than 230 each in July of 2013. 
So far, 103 auto burglaries and 67 home burglaries for June 2014 have been reported. 

Sgt. Lewis says the best way to prevent these burglaries from happening-- is the neighborhood to work together. 

"If you are interested really in just your neighborhood being stronger and more tight knit and safer you can set up a neighborhood association you can set up neighborhood watches and we will help you do." said Lewis.  

Sgt. Lewis says if you see something or someone that is acting suspicious and should not be hanging around your neighborhood definitely call police and they will come and check it out for you just to keep you safer. 

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