Super Regional Games Could Bring Big Business To Lubbock

Published 06/03 2014 10:43PM

Updated 06/03 2014 11:07PM

By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Super Regional games coming to Lubbock this weekend will likely mean a big boost to the local economy, especially as the city looks ahead to the Sir Paul McCartney concert the next weekend.

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce said these next two weekends could be a big thing for the local economy.

"People coming in for hotels, restaurants. You've got people coming in to go shopping, you know, the ball games only going to last a few hours, or the concert's only going be a few hours, so while they're here, they'll go shopping," Alona Beesinger said. Beesinger is the Chairwoman for the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce.

Not only is Lubbock getting ready for the Super Regional games, but the city has also been preparing for the McCartney concert the following weekend. Both the games and the concert have sold out.

"Being this close to Tech, everything kind of slows down, but it's good to kind of relax, hit the reset button, but, you know with Tech baseball doing so well, and school being back, you know, starting today, you know, we're ready to go again and get this semester going," Stephen Locascio, General Manger at Local Bar on Broadway said.

He said typically they do slow down in the summer, but these big events could bring big crowds, not only for him, but he said hopefully for the whole city.

"Hopefully, Lubbock in general gets a good, you know, just hop finanacially, with Tech baseball, it's always good to see that they're winning, and to do something they've never done before is just really exciting," Locascio said.

The Overton Hotel said they are booked for the weekend, and have a waiting list started. While some may think that's just because of the baseball games, Marcie Truby, the Director of Sales and Marketing said that's not the case.  The baseball games helped to sell them out, but they were already mostly full because of a big conference in town.

"People think that it's slow in the summer and that people aren't here, but you forget that there's all kinds of youth tournaments that going on, this is the season for baseball tournaments and basketball tournaments, as well as this is the first weekend in June, so we're now in wedding season," Truby said.

She recommends anytime you need a hotel to book your room as early as possible, and she also said it doesn't hurt to follow up and see if you can get put on a waiting list as well.

Beesinger said with these two events back to back in Lubbock, more people from all over will be taking note of the Hub City.

"Anytime that we can get positive reinforcement on Lubbock, it's wonderful," Beesinger said. "And we all know how wonderful it is to be in Lubbock, and live in Lubbock, I mean, that's a given for most of us, but when you can let the national community know it, and, it's just nice."

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