Suspect Hospitalized After Police Chase

Near 1st Place and Chicago Avenue

Lubbock, TX - A family got quite the scare this morning after a man crashed into their front yard with a car he had stolen. Guadalupe Vargas, 31, was taken into custody by Lubbock Police after he tried to escape.

Officer Dave Smith says they were inside his house singing Happy Birthday to his son when they heard a loud noise.

"We found out that it hit the tree, but from the impact it sounded like it hit the house so we got all the kiddos and put them in a backroom," says Smith.

Earlier today, Lubbock Police received several reports of vehicle burglaries near 19th Street to Erskine and from Chicago to Milwaukee. While responding to one fo those calls, police say they were advised that a suspicious vehicle was slowly driving in the area of 3rd Street and Grover Avenue.

The officer went to stop the vehicle and the driver sped off, leading police ona  brief chase that ended at the corner of 1st Place and Chicago Avenue when the driver hit a tree.

"We heard the siren first..then we heard the loud vehicle that was kind of racing down the way," Smith says, "then we heard this loud boom."

He then got out of his car and attempted to run away again on foot, but was eventually taken into custody. Vargas was taken to UMC for minor injuries and from there he will be booked into the Lubbock County Detention Center. He will be charged with evading in a motor vehicle, on foot, and felon in possession of a firearm and marijuana.

At this time, it is unclear if Vargas is tied to any of the vehicle burglaries from earlier this morning.

Smith says no one in the house was injured and they're thankful the police responded so quickly.

"I'm one of those guys on the line as well. But again I have to give kudos to them for taking the time to acknowledge my son's birthday this morning as well. So that's also a plus. I'm very thankful, and thank y'all for what you do."

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