Task Force Warning After Suspect in Custody For Car Theft

Car Theft Spike in Lubbock

Lubbock, TX - Daniel Taylor, 28, was arrested after Lubbock Police pulled him over for a traffic violation in a stolen car. 

Police say Taylor tried to run away near 81st Street and Utica Avenue, but he was found hiding in a storage shed.

Taylor was charged with unauthorized use of a stolen car, evading in a vehicle, evading on foot and criminal trespass.

The South Plains Auto Task Force says that there has been a small hike in car theft during the cold weather. There have been 3 reports of stolen cars in the past 2 days.

"A lot of people here are leaving their cars running with the keys in them. They're starting their cars to warm them up and things like that," says Mandy Myers, Analyst/Crime Prevention Coordinator for The South Plains Auto Task Force.

Thieves are walking through neighborhoods and looking for vehicles that are running to steal.

"We don't have a specific brand or model or anything like that is targeted more than others. It's mainly just a crime of opportunity. It's whatever is running. It's whatever has the keys left in it," says Myers.

The top three cars stolen in Texas are a Ford Pickup, a Chevy Pickup and a Dodge Pickup. The Task Force reminds you to look for other safer options.

"If you have the remote start that comes in the vehicle, you can you use that. Or you can purchase an after market remote start that will allow you to start your car and warm up your vehicle and the doors will be locked." 

The task force reminds you to stay vigilant, take valuables out of your car and make sure to lock them. It is illegal in Texas to leave your keys in the ignition of your car and you could be fined for doing so.


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