Tahoka High School Combats Bullying, Other Tough Issues

Special Speaker Coming in March

LUBBOCK,TX - Officials at Tahoka Independent School District are bringing Fabian Ramirez, a public speaker who focuses on preventing bullying, to speak to middle and high school students in March. 

"We've identified an area that needs some attention," Principal Jeff Perez said. 

Susanna Gonzales has a 14-year-old daughter at Tahoka High School. She said her daughter has been bullied and she reached out to Principal Perez to help make some changes. She said the district's response surprised her, in a good way.  

"A lot of times people don't really want to acknowledge what really is going on in their schools," Gonzales said. 

No topic is off limits for the discussion. 

"Some of those challenges are bullying," Perez said. "Lack of student effort, student character, standing up for what is right when it is time."
"We also have depression," Gonzales said. "And so I think with that, I think it boils down to the bullying, cyber bullying, pregnancy." 
Ramirez will be at the school on March 27th, speaking to middle schoolers in one session, high schoolers in another and parents after school. You can visit his website here
Perez said they want parents to be aware of what is going on in the school district. 
"You know the idea came to me actually after having a conversation with a parent and realizing that there is this perception that the community may have as to what is going on in our school," Perez said. "Not only that perception, but the perception of what we are going to do about it and so I want to make sure that we communicate to our students, to our staff members, to our community leader, to parents that we really do care about your kid and we really want what is best for them." 
Gonzales said the church will also hold a community fellowship day on March 1st. She said the discussion would be more faith based. 

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