"Tech-Alert" System Gave Students And Staff A Sense Of Security During Shooting

Students received several emails, texts and calls throughout the incident

LUBBOCK, TX - Students and staff at Texas Tech praised not only the swift response of police and first responders but also the Texas Tech "Tech-Alert" System during the shooting.

"I feel like it was great that we received all these e-mails. If we weren't on campus we could have walked onto campus something dangerous. But because of the e-mails we were able to stay at home safe in our houses, away from danger," Jazlynn Belteran, a student at Texas Tech said.

"After receiving the email our instinct was to immediately get off campus. We didn't want to see the down fall. We immediately drove to my house and locked all the doors trying to make sure were safe," Christian Palutis, a student at Texas Tech said. 

Those signed up for the "Tech-Alerts" received emails throughout the entire shooting. Parents of students are also able to sign up HERE.

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