Tech Terrace Neighbors Spooked By 'Abandoned' Homes On Their Street

Neighbors said they've tried to reach out to the homeowners

LUBBOCK, TX - Neighbors in the Tech Terrace neighborhood are worried about two homes, that they said, post a potentially hazardous danger to their community.

“Were talking health hazard safety, fire hazard, I mean every single hazard in the book that you want to check off presents itself right here across the street,” Robin Phillips, a neighbor who lives across the street from the homes said.

The City of Lubbock Codes Departments said one of the homes has been on their radar for awhile for weeds and rubbish, but they said they recently found an opening to the home that changes the case.

“It actually starts a different type of case from a weeds and rubbish case. It becomes a property maintenance case and those are higher priority than a weeds case because we don’t want these open and vacant structures in our neighborhoods anyway. That can cause vandals and kids to go in side. It also is a fire danger,” Stuart Walker, the Code Administration Director said.

Several of the neighbors said they think the home is to a point of no return and it needs to be demolished.

“With the house across the street I would love to think that the owner would be willing to sell it so someone could come in and fix it up and make it a lovely home for someone. But I really think it's past that point I think that house needs to be condemned and plowed to the ground and start over,” Phillips said.



“We have an extensive notification process and will take it to court and if the property doesn't have anything done to it by the owner then we will go through the process of doing a demolition on the home,” Walker said.

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