Texas Allergies on the Rise

Published 02/18 2014 05:12PM

Updated 02/19 2014 11:37AM

LUBBOCK, TX--- Its that time of year again when allergies are on the rise and sending people to the doctor. 
The early spring weather is great for getting outside. But with it comes early allergies that are already affecting many. 

"My allergies have just been-- like they've peaked really bad," says Leela Barina, one of many people who are already feeling the affects from allergy season. 

"Its a little emabrrassing you know cause its like you have to have a pile of tissues next to you cause your nose won't stop dripping and running .... It got bad enough to where it was all day," she says. 

For some, these early pollens are making symptoms bad enough to send them to the doctor for help. 

"We really have a lot of people are very sensitive to the particulate matter in the air blowing dust pollenosis," says Allergist Dr. Robert Mamlok. He says he's seeing lots of paitience come in for upper repitory problems already. 

"Yes February, we're in a real transitional period. We're getting past our viral flu season and the first pollenosis is in the air."

Many parts of Texas already getting hit with cedar pollen. 
Late Februrary and March is when allergy season is expected to hit the worst. 

"It sounds like a silly thing but to breath with out wanting to cough or anything like that is... Something I really kinda want," says Barina. 

Dr. Mamlok also says new nasal steriods are now easier to get at your local pharmacy to help with allergy symptoms. 
However, he says its still a good idea to check with your doctor before you take them.

Also suggested-- check the pollen count and stay in doors when pollen periods are peaking. 

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