Texas Officials Encourage Water Conservation in New Campaign

Published 04/01 2014 06:07PM

Updated 03/24 2015 11:23AM

LUBBOCK, TX--- Water restrictions start today in the city of Lubbock, but state officials are asking every Texan to find ways to be smart about how they use water. 

When it comes to that water, some parts of the state is running out. 
That's why officials are asking every Texan to be "Texas Water Smart". 
Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples and Representative Charles Perry are teaming up in South Plains region to share their new message about conserving water. 

"The Texans of today need to show leadership because water conservation is just one part of it," says Commissioner Staples.  "We're losing jobs today because of the uncertainty of the availabilty of water."

26 million people live in the state of Texas. The new campaign encourages every Texas citizen  to follow simple tips in the home and out in the yard to save 10 to 20 gallons of water per person. 

"Water is life. You can't have life without water," says Rep Perry. "You won't do it if you're not thinking about water conservation." 

"These are tips that if used all year long can really stretch that water supply. And are easy simple to use tips. Whether you live in an apartment or own your own home," says Commissioner Staples.  

Some of those tips include, making sure you turn faucets off when you're brushing teeth or cleaning off dishes. 
And outside water less frequently and using more mulch to hold moisture longer. 
All these tips helping everyone be "Texas Water Smart". 

If you want to see more tips you can visit the "Texas Water Smart" website. 

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