Texas Tech Medical Students Open Letter For Match

A ceremony for medical students across the nation

LUBBOCK, TX - Today, March 17, the 2017 class of Texas Tech medical students and medical students across the nation opened their highly anticipated “Match” letters after months of interviews for residency.


“I was really nervous I was shaking before I opened it.I had to take a minute to get it open, I was shocked and I started crying happy tears. I matched with Vanderbilt University in Nashville,” Nicole Drawbridge, a medical student at Tech said.



The “Match” ceremony for Tech medical students was held at the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center on campus but medical students from all over the nation celebrated the same ceremony.



“At exactly the same time, with medical students all over the country, they opened an envelope to find out what specialty they will be doing for the rest of their career and where they will be going,”


Doctor Steven Berk, the Dean of the Texas Tech School of Medicine said.


Out of 150 students listed on the 2017 Public Match Results, 20 are expected to stay here in Lubbock for their residency Dr. Steven Berk said. He also said he is proud of all of his students.


“They wouldn't all get their first choice, so I am hoping they forget their first choice and bond with whatever place they actually matched in but they've all matched in great places and they've all done really well. Our school is way above the national average of students that match,” Dr. Steven Berk said.

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