Texas Tech Professors, Students Keeping East Lubbock Kids Fit

Published 09/30 2013 06:32PM

Updated 09/30 2013 06:45PM

"I think because obesity is on the rise throughout the United States, and I think a lot of it's attributed to kids just going home, sitting in front of TVs, computers and just being inactive."

Jeff Key, Director of Community Outreach works with kids in east Lubbock after they get out of school, keeping them active.

Thanks to a portion of a $24.5 million dollar grant distributed by the Texas Tech College of Education, balls are bouncing and Frisbees are flying.

"Our portion of it is just a small sliver, but we have enough of the funds to purchase equipment to bring to our sites and to leave with our partner schools and programs," Key said. 

But the program is not just about exercise.

Key said it's also about building better behavior. 

"We talk to the kids a little bit about character," said Key. "We have a different topic twice a week, and we just kind of just talk to them about what it means to be a friend, what it means to be a community, what respect is."

After doing their homework, the kids are also served a hot meal at the end of each day provided by the South Plains Food Bank.

"Part of it is, it's a contribution to the kids and to the parents and to the community," said Key. "It's to give them an opportunity to continue to work, and give their children and their students a safe place to come and play and know that they're going to get a snack, their going to get a meal and be physically active at the same time."

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