Texas Tech Student Warns Young Women About Stranger Danger

LUBBOCK, TX - A Texas Tech student who doesn't want to be named due to safety reasons shared a scary experience that happened to her last Wednesday in the Walmart parking lot off of 4th Street and Frankford.

It was around 7:00 p.m. when she said she noticed two cars parked with their engines running near her when she pulled up, both full of men. When she went inside the store she had an unusual encounter with a man in the pet aisle.

"He basically ran me over," she said. "He was holding a blind man's cane but wasn't using it." 

As she exited the store, she noticed the two cars full of men communicating with each other with what sounded like blue tooth speaker phone, she said they continued to watch her.

"I back up and I drive around the parking lot a few times and I notice the silver minivan is also driving around the parking lot, wherever I went they went," she said.

She managed to lose them and called police who couldn't track down the vehicle, but officers kept a close eye on her home overnight just to be safe. LPD encourages anyone who has had a similar experience to file a police report, and let them know. 

"It is really sad that young woman especially in Lubbock or in a West Texas town have to deal with this but that's just the way  the world is becoming so you have to be on your guard."

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