Texas Tech Takes Lead On Recycling In Town

Only recycle center that takes glass items

LUBBOCK, TX - For the past few years the City of Lubbock hasn’t allowed the public to come drop off glass recyclable items at their dump locations. Now Texas Tech University is the only current recycling program in town that allows the public to come drop off glass items.

“When the city stopped taking glass we had let people know they can bring glass to us as well. We have to pay for the truck to go but then we get a rebate so it costs us a little money but not as much as it would if we just threw it away,” said Melanie Tatum, the Assistant Director for Sustainability and Warehouse Operations at Texas Tech.

The city said they use to have a glass recycle machine but the cost of upkeep and repairs was too much.

“It broke and it was very expensive to repair it and expensive to replace it. Glass is not a revenue generating commodity so we decided not to continue,” said Penny Morine, the Solid Waste Manager for The City of Lubbock.

Tatum said the other benefit to recycling at Tech is the profit from the recycled items is created into a scholarship fund for students.

“For us it is sort of a full circle deal. Recycling comes from our student population and it encourages them to recycle because they might get the opportunity to receive a 1,000 scholarship,” Tatum said.

Tech’s recycling drop off is located on campus at Physical Plant Annex Lubbock, TX 79409. For a full list of drop off locations for the city you can check out https://www.ci.lubbock.tx.us/list-item/lists/other/recycling-drop-off-centers

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