Texas Tech Therapeautic Riding Center Welcoming A New Horse

LUBBOCK, TX - The Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center is welcoming a new horse to their herd, making them have 12 therapy horses in total. The new horse is Gypsy Vanner mare named Snowdrift, who was won through a Facebook contest with Lex Lin Gypsy Ranch in Tennessee.

Stephanie Whitesides, the Path international Certified Instructor said Snowdrift's beauty is undeniable and with her sweet, calm, energy she is going to make the perfect therapy horse.

"We are excited to have a new horse on the property as you can see she is beautiful and we are happy to have  her, all of our horses contribute in a lot of different ways so we are excited to see what she has to offer," Whitesides said.

The Riding Center won her based off of votes online, where they were nominated by multiple people.

"It was excited to be nominated again and we decided to push to see if we could push and really win, and we did," Whitesides said.

On Tuesday evening the center hosted a hotdog dinner where they paraded Snowdrift around, and everyone take a look.



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