Texas Tech FMLA to Host "Take Back the Night" March and Rally

LUBBOCK, TX - On Wednesday, April 26, the Texas Tech campus will host the annual "Take Back the Night" event, which is aimed at bringing awareness to sexual assault and violence. 

For 40 years, the event has been recognized internationally and across the U.S., members of Female Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) group at Texas Tech say it's important that it is celebrated in Lubbock as well. 

"It's important for our students to hear each other and show admin that they are very active to end any type of harassment or assault or gender-based violence that maybe happening on our campus," said Tricia Earl, FMLA supervisor. 

The rally and march will kick off at 7:30 p.m. at Memorial Circle. Those walking can come beforehand to make posters and grab a teal blue ribbon in honor of Sexual Violence Awareness Month (recognized in April). The march will travel down Broadway to Fuzzy's, and then back to Memorial Circle. Victims of sexual violence will be sharing their personal stories with the crowd. 

"We also have the stereotypes of how we're not supposed to walk alone at night. We're not supposed to do X,Y and Z," said Earl. "There are a number of times when the number of young women in particular say 'well, why is it that I'm having to do this? Why aren't we just talking about the fact that it's not right for someone to harass another person, to assault them?' So that's kind of how 'Take Back the Night' brings together those voices in one location." 
Although an event hosted by Tech students on the university campus, FMLA invites the entire community to be apart of the march. The event is free to participate in.


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