The American Baking Competition

Whitney Appleton-Beery says "that early on she realized baking was something she was good at.  She says with her sweet tooth that was a good thing...because if she wanted anything sweet she had to make it." She grew up in Colorado with her family and says her mom cooked a lot but no sweets.

With all the baking she was doing, she said "everyone always said they liked what I was making." 
So this past January she decided to audition for the CBS reality show the American Baking Competition alongside more than two thousand other hopefuls.

Appleton-Beery says that she really liked the challenge, "I did this to get out of my normal box of baking. Plus I got to practice timed bakes."

The challenge proved to be something she could handle because she ended up as one of the ten finalists to head to Georgia to shoot the show. And along the way she says, "all the contestants were amazing, we all came out with a really close friendship."

But Whitney came out with more than just some life long friends...She met her boyfriend on the show!  They have now both moved to California where Whitney hopes to continue her baking career. She says, "I hope to have baking and desserts in my life like all the time for the rest of my life."

The show premieres tonight on CBS.  She has a blog that she began a few years ago called

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