The Best Social Networks for Kids Under 13

Tecca has some tips for online safety for families with young kids. It's advisable for parents to go through these safety tips with their child so both are prepared for all the internet has to offer and the dangers it threatens.While reality can be scary, there are plenty of safe sites designed for kids under 13. Still, all the kid-friendly social networking sites in the world won't help if kids find the adult versions more fun. We researched kid-friendly sites and then talked to kids to get a feel for the fun factor to collect four kid-approved sites.

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Fanlala has all the features of a traditional MySpace-style social networking site, with blogging, sharing, and group features. The monitoring settings offer you the choice to approve kids' posts and friend requests. Fanlala requires parents to verify their identity by phone, credit card, or fax.

Fanlala is a teen beat-style site with quizzes, close encounters with teen heartthrobs, and age-appropriate entertainment news. Pop stars such as Justin Bieber and actors such as Robert Pattinson have pages which members can "fan."

Fanlala is tough on cyberbullying and features a short and clearly stated list of how to use the internet safely. Although administrators review content prior to posting, some content goes live immediately. Reviews posted on Common Sense Media say that Fanlala is age appropriate, and kids love it.

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