The Newest BBQ Joint Brings Back Memories for Lubbock Residents

E&J Smokehouse and Grill has been open just three weeks but is already making a splash on the BBQ scene in Lubbock. 

"It's not your ordinary barbeque restaurant," said owner Jason Waters. "We have a brisket and pulled pork taco and a shot ribbed grilled cheese sandwich. So it's more than a sliced brisket plate or pork ribs. We try to do a more unique thing to make us stand out a little more."

Cooking barbeque has been a part of Waters' life for as long as he can remember. Waters' dad owned The County Line which closed 12 years ago. It was located at the same building on Spirit Ranch. This spot was a favorite for locals and had beautiful views, a stream and even peacocks. 

Many Lubbock residents are visiting E&J for the simplest reasons.

"Hungry. It's nice to be back out in this location. It's like you're not even in Lubbock when you're out here," Jan d'Orsay said. 

The smokehouse started from humble beginnings. He started the business with his brother-in-law after they developed their own spices and sauces from backyard grilling. 

"A lot of people do just salt and pepper and maybe a little garlic. But we do herbs and spices and all those things but I can't tell you because it's a secret," Waters said. 

Waters grew up in Lubbock and graduated from Texas Tech. He said he's happy to be back on the South Plains. 

"It's good be back," he said. 

Right now E&J Smokehouse is only open during lunch on weekdays. After July 12th you can join them for dinner Wednesday thru Friday. They open for weekends in the fall. 





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