Thousands of Locals "Step Out" to Stop Diabetes

"I would get tired and feel like I'm going to pass out and have to take a nap and not even know how I'm going to feel when I wake up."


That's a taste of how it feels to be sick with the disease from one of today's participants, Raul Moreno, a diabetic.


Over 2,000 people turned out to today's Step Out West Texas American Diabetes Association Walk, what Martha Atwood, the foundation's Executive director says is their biggest and most important fundraiser for the year.


"We do free programs for people with diabetes," Atwood said. "We visit the kiddos and the teens in the hospital who are newly diagnosed. We are the number one source of information about diabetes and this funds everything we do."


"We're just thrilled to have a community that comes out and gives like this and cares about people," Atwood said.


Other race participants said it gave them hope to participate in the walk.


"It makes me feel more of a part of the work to help get a resolution in finding a cure," Christi Valdez, a race participant and also a diabetic said. "Will it ever happen in our time? We don't know but it's really good to be a part of hopefully making that difference."


Atwood estimates by the end of October the foundation will have raised more than $285,000.


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