Tip Leads to Jeena Roberts Found, Arrested in Houston

According to LPD, the United States Marshals Service found and arrested Jeena Roberts in Houston around 1:00 Monday morning.

The Marshals received a tip about where Roberts was in Houston.

In October 2010, Roberts was in a car accident that killed one person.  In November 2012, she plead guilty to one count Intoxicated Manslaughter, and one count Intoxicated Assault.

According to Trammel's Lubbock Bail Bonds, it's very important for people to call in tips, as any information can help them apprehend fugitives.  Brad Smith and Soila Solice said tips account for about 30% of their finds each year.

Tips have lead Smith and Solice to Arizona, Houston, and San Antonio, among other cities. 

The most successful and helpful tips are the ones when someone knows a fugitive personally, but Smith said every tip helps. "Usually, we can make something big out of something small, so it's very, very important," said Smith.

"Once we get a live tip, we try to use our networking skills and either position police offices where they need to be or use other bounty hunters and things of that nature in those local communities," said Smith

Smith and Solice said they have about 200 captures a year, and about 30% of their finds come from tips each year.  The tips are helpful, no matter if they come from in county, or out of county.

"We are most successful with the community helping us out, so when they see someone in a grocery store, or things of that nature, even if they're not completely sure, it's usually the small things that help us break a case wide open," said Smith.

Roberts was arrested in Harris County, and is now being held on a $100,000 bond.

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