Tips To Keep Your Electricity Bill Cool For The Summer

Lubbock Power and Light hands out tips to residents

LUBBOCK, TX - Lubbock Power and Light shared some easy tips to keep air conditioning bills low as we are in the hot summer months.
"The number one consumer of electricity in your house is your AC unit. Typically every year we will see our biggest jump in our customer's consumption in May to June to July,” Matt Rose, with Lubbock Power and Light said.
Rose said one of the best things to do when you aren’t home during the day is to keep your blinds closed. He said homeowners need to remember the direct sun on a home will heat it up quickly.
“If you are home and don't want to have your blinds shut at least angle them up towards the ceiling that way the hot air can go up and not heat the floor. One of the key things you have to remember is the sunlight that's hitting your home or coming into your home is going to have a major effect on the temperature inside of your home,” Rose said.
Even though it may seem cheaper to turn your AC unit off while you aren’t home, Rose said that’s the worst thing you can do.
“Whatever you do don't turn off your AC unit because when you turn off your AC unit and the air inside your home reaches 85-90 degrees and then your AC unit is going to be working all night to get back down to 72-74 degrees,” Rose said.

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