Trisha Yearwood Stops Concert For Woman With Cancer

Promises she will bake cake with her

LUBBOCK, TX - After a series of concerts this past weekend, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, were seen by thousands of Lubbock residents. But Kim Dalby, a local nurse, said her experience at the concert was extra special.


“When Trisha came on, of course I had tears in my eyes. I love her and I have listened to her all growing up. She's fantastic,” Dalby said.



Dalby said Trisha’s song Prize Fighter, a tribute to all those battling cancer, has helped her in her own fight.


Dalby was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and then re-diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2016. She said she decided bring a sign to the concert with “#ASK ME WHY I’M A PRIZE FIGHTER” that caught Trisha’s attention.



“She stopped and asked me how I am a Prize Fighter? I told her I have stage four cancer it isn't curable but I am not going to stop having fun. The next thing that comes spilling out of my mouth is ‘can I please bake a cake with you,’” Dalby said.



Dalby said she was surprised by Trisha’s response.



“She said ‘when you get to feeling better after your treatments we are going to bake that cake together. All 15,000 of these people are my witnesses,’” Dalby said.


After the concert Dalby was able to exchange numbers with Trisha’s team and has been in contact since.

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