Tuesday's Assault on Officer One of Five Instances in Five Months

Published 02/12 2014 09:40PM

Updated 02/12 2014 10:30PM

By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- The assault on a police officer Tuesday night is one of five incidents in the last five months where an LPD officer has either been injured or almost injured.

Tuesday, LPD responded to a call outside of Buffalo Wild Wings in South Lubbock. According to police, 22 year old Charles Timms was refused service at the bar right across the street, Bikini's Bar and Grill, and then also tried to be served at Buffalo Wild Wings. Police were called, and when police arrived, police say Timms punched the officer in the face.

Timms was arrested on charges of assault on a public servant, resisting arrest, and public intoxication.  Two others were also arrested in the same situation.

The officer was taken to UMC for treatment of minor injuries and released.

"Kind of comes with the territory, unfortunately," Sergeant Jason Lewis with Lubbock Police said.

Sergeant Lewis said sometimes, these things happen when officers lease expect them. "When you think that it's just a typical situation, and everything's fine, then it may not be, in just a matter of seconds, so, you just never know," Sergeant Lewis said.

There have been five events in the last five months where officers have either been injured or almost injured while working.

Back on October 12th, Lubbock Police Officer Timothy Varner was shot outside of the Salvation Army. Sergeant Lewis said Officer Varner is recovering well and back at work.

Then, on January 10th, LPD said an officer was hit by a car while trying to serve a warrant. That officer is also recovering well.

Just a week later, on January 17th, police said an officer had a gun pulled on him while the officer was responding to a call of a man in the area with a gun.

On January 30th, Lubbock Police said a woman lunged at an officer with a box cutter, while that officer was responding to a call of a suspicious vehicle.

The most recent incident was Tuesday, February 11th. Police said an officer was assaulted responding to a call outside of a South Lubbock restaurant.

"Totally different circumstances in all of them, and it's just one of those things that, there's not a lot you can do and as long as, you know, there's crime and guys are trying to make a difference, then there's always that possibility," Sergeant Lewis said.

Sergeant Lewis said there can always be minor things that happen on the job, though recently this is the most they've had make headlines for a while. "Hopefully we're done with this for a while, but it does kind of seem like it comes and goes," Sergeant Lewis said.

Sergeant Lewis also said both Officer Varner, as well as the officer who was hit by the car, will be just two of the people honored Friday at a promotions and awards ceremony.

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