UMC Emergency Room Doctors See a Recent Increase in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

LUBBOCK, TX - UMC emergency room physicians told EverythingLubbock that they have seen an increase in carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dr. Jared Warner said they have had six cases within the last week. One case involved someone who fell asleep in a running car inside of the garage, another involved someone working on a water heater in the basement.

"Most cases are incidental, which they are in a confined space with some sort of gas burning, engine or heater, and there's not a lot of ventilation," Warner said.

Initially he said symptoms can start with a mild headache and progressively get more severe over time, leading to dizziness and even black outs. Warner said that it's important to allow air flow, and be aware of what your body is telling you.

"Your body is unable to transport oxygen so basically your body becomes deprived," Warner said.

For people who work in an enclosed environment on a daily basis he encourages them to purchase tools that can detect when too much carbon dioxide is in the area.

"Get a carbon dioxide monitor and keep it in the room, especially rooms that are lower with gas burning utilities," Warner said.

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